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None of available CRM can meet all the needs of your industry. According to your requirements, we can develop a completely unique product with its own design, reference books and almost any functionality that You need to solve everyday problems.

Development of system to order

  • Creating software to automate business processes and increase sales! We will identify needs, create a project, carry out programming, implement and train employees. Order your individual system of relations with clients individually for their business. Creating a CRM system – create an effective sales tool personally for the business you are engaged in!

We can to develop of CPM system: we develop a customized solution tailored to your needs, rather than trying to change your business to existing products. We create systems for personal business models. We do not use standard and similar solutions, which can not always be correctly configured to the existing requirements. Creating a CRM system is convenient! Analytics and concept development, prototyping and detailed specification development. Design of the user interface, development of the design concept and a set of models, and not only – from our company!

Our work includes not only the development of CPM system as a software part. We also carry out a preliminary collection of requirements from future users, formalize existing processes, implement and provide support and refinement of the system based on feedback from both employees and customers. Development of CRM system to order from our company at attractive and affordable prices!

We take into account the peculiarities of work in the program as employees and owners, and even customers! The cost of development varies depending on the industry, the complexity of business processes and the size of your company. It is possible to gradually implement certain functions to eliminate the negative impact on the existing operating processes in your company. We work on you become more successful!

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Advantages of

development of own CRM system

We will design and make TK. We have extensive experience in designing CRM, and we will be able to think through the product in the process of communicating with you
Configuration on the customer server. The finished product is configured on your server – you do not depend on anyone.
Unlimited users and data. There are no restrictions for the finished product: an arbitrary number of users, uploaded data, photo and video materials.
Non-disclosure of all details, subtleties and solutions of the project. At your request, we sign a non-disclosure agreement, which prescribes that we have the right to disclose and what is not.
Unique, suitable only for your requirements, design. We offer to develop a system based on a ready-made template, and to develop a design for you from scratch.
Possibility to use CRM for franchise. We can design CRM so that you will sell access to your system to your customers and receive a subscription fee from them.

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