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We divide each project into stages, and work on them from 5 to 10 days. The result of each step we send to you and you can test on your mobile device and tell us what need to be adjusted. We operate very fast: publishing of mobile applications and updating them is a key factor in keeping your customers.


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Consulting. Platform selection, Analytics and design of the basic adaptive version of the site or application.
Content. The production of content: texts, photos and video materials, and info graphics.
Design. Preparation of interfaces and implementation of corporate identity elements.
Design. Based on the project concept, we design the graphical interface and structure of the application code.
Development. Mobile development for IOS and Android platforms is the embodiment of the application in the code, its testing and debugging.
Support. Development, mobile development, technical and information support.

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  • The development of mobile apps... "Download the app", "version Available in the app", "Mobile application". Is is familiar expression? That's right, because almost everyone in the 21st century has a phone or tablet, and a number of programs and sites may be optimal to function on the application platform. Almost any website has a version optimized for some device. You can order a mobile application in our Web-Studio!

Application developers work hard and create SOFTWARE designed to work on Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Many mobile apps are pre-installed on the device itself or can be downloaded from online store apps. Development of mobile applications at the best prices!

Initially, mobile applications were used to quickly check email, but their high demand led to the expansion of their assignments in other areas, such as mobile phone and GPS games, communication, video viewing and Internet usage. You, having your own website, can order a mobile application, and customers, via phone or tablet, will be able to conveniently use the site, order a service, buy goods. Android app development – from our web Studio! Application developers – real wizards and they are ready to work wonders!

Do you have any questions? Call us! And our experts will advise you, as well as help to order a mobile application. You can also set up ads in your apps that can increase your sales and traffic, and run ads for your app on other media. It can be filled with different media! Development of applications for IOS – from our company!

Why do you need in mobile applications for business? The mobile application combines a number of distinct advantages. The first is mobile payments. They mean that the seller, no matter how large his enterprise, can accept payment by credit or debit card, and the buyer using a Smartphone and the appropriate application to send the payment. Is it comfortable? Yes. Android app development, IOS app development with attractive prices!

The second is Geolocation. Now not only the customer can look at his location and surrounding objects in his device, but also the business owner can, using the so-called LBS-service, find potential customers and notify them about their services using, for example, Twitter or Facebook.

Third – the creation of a mobile version for your commercial website gives you even more opportunities to get closer to your customers! This gives you the opportunity to make the services accessible! Get closer to the customer! Order the mobile version!

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