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If you want to achieve it, you need to be different from other groups.
You need to catch and hype.

It is not possible if you have a usual SMM just for the record



Promotion in "Facebook"

"Facebook" has long been "sharpened" for business: we know this and constantly developе new chips to promote commercial accounts in "Facebook". In order do not to waste the budget that you invest in promotion through social networks, please do not experiment on your own: you need a competent analysis and the right promotion strategy.

Promotion in Instagram

Promotion of the page in Instagram is possible to use for business, which can show cool products. GENERAL UP, for example, has an instagram account, and we always have something to post – even though we don't sell any products.

Targeting in social networks

Illiterate tergeter able to merge any trusted his budget. To do this, simply wrong "understand" the audience of your client and make a mistake in a couple of settings. social networks themselves provide a huge layer of information about the audience, they only need to correctly collect, carefully analyze and draw the right conclusions: we do it every working day.

What interests you?

Promotion on Facebook or Instagram


227 $

1 month

More detailed

  • The output you get:
  • Personal Manager support from 9-00 to 19-00 Mon-Fri;
  • Build for you a live target audience, filtered from bots, commercial accounts and other debris for city needs, gender and age, will attract into your account using massliking, massfollowing and respecting the limits;
  • From 1000 to 3000 target subscribers/potential customers;
  • Individual account style that will set you apart from the competition;
  • The flow of appeals from the target audience that is interested in your product or service.

303 $

1 month

More detailed

  • The output You get:
  • Identifying the audience and building hypotheses about its concentration;
  • Division of audiences into groups (age, geo, gender);
  • Competitive advantage analysis;
  • Additional Instalanding from which will also be the promotion and attraction of the target audience to the main account;
  • Creating utm tags for conversion tracking;
  • Preparation and setting of accurate targeting (interests, competitors, etc.);
  • Selection and coordination of rates and goals;
  • Launching and managing an advertising campaign;
  • Control of advertising and pricing;
  • Detailed reporting (*it is possible to provide access to the advertising Cabinet, where You will be able to monitor the effectiveness of our work in real time).

455 $

1 month

More detailed

  • The output You get:
  • Support personal Manager from 9-00 to 17-00 Mon-Sat, WhatsApp/Viber/Phone/Facebook;
  • A lot of free time, as all the tasks to promote and maintain the account we will do;
  • Up to 6 000 (for each niche individually) contacts per day with Your potential customers / subscribers;
  • Professional account on instagram, which gives the flow of potential customers every month.

Complementary services:

1. Consultation from 76 dollars
2. Registration and design from 76 dollars.
3. Content introduction, activity, viral advertising - the price is negotiable.
4. Live subscribers 1 subscriber - 0,03 cent.
5. Target subscribers 1 subscriber - 0,05 cent (from 5000 - 20% discount).


Birdy likes unusual tasks. We take care about
promotion and marketing. Let's bring them to life.

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Social media promotion - SMM promotion! Order to stand out. A person, anyway, strives for success. Wants to be recognized, wants to be bright, unique, wants to stand out. To sink into the mind, to be something special, unique. And even if it does not appear outwardly, then at the subconscious level it is definitely, at least a little, but still, there is. In business – this is a very important aspect! And modern technology is, fortunately, allow it. "Promotion of the group on Facebook" is not just a "fashionable" phrase, but an effective method of business development! How to choose the right key to success? The answer is simple. You need quality social media marketing promotion! Order to stand out. And may luck smile at you with its sincere smile.

SMM promotion (to Instagram/Instagram, on Facebook/Facebook, etc.) is an effective way to attract customers to the site through community, blogs, forums, and we all know the social network. Social Media Marketing, or SMM for short, is the most promising method of promotion. It allows you to communicate with the audience directly, while available at a price: SMM-promotion is affordable even for novice businessmen. Easy start, relatively low costs and considerable effect – and what else do you need for a great start? You are looking for a good social media marketing Agency? Memphis has been ordering business promotion through social networks in our web Studio for a long time! "Promotion groups in FB" - the key to success!

Advertising is a well-known engine of trade. Therefore, many people begin to promote their business with advertising, called targeted. Targeted advertising (in Instagram, Twitter, and in General, in any social network known to us) is text, media or multimedia ads that are shown only to those network users who meet a certain set of requirements set by the advertiser. This is a great opportunity to deliver advertising for those users who will be interested in the offer. Need a good SMM Agency? Memphis + our web Studio = excellent SMM Agency and your success! Personal SMM-Manager: Memphis and our web Studio will give you the best specialists in the field of advertising!

Targeted advertising, on Instagram, for example, or on Facebook, is easily tracked and managed, if you properly configure such advertising, the results can be simply stunning! Sometimes people are an unlimited amount of time on their pages on the Internet. Of course, there are individuals-opposites that are not registered in any social network or messenger, but most usually have a couple of accounts in any of the popular social networks. And therefore, such advertising, and such promotion will always work. "Promotion of the group on Facebook" – it is not empty words, it is an amazing business tool!

SMM-Manager: Memphis and our web Studio will give You experienced professionals in the field of advertising! We offer you our services and attractive prices for them. We always strive to ensure that you are the best! And we will certainly help you succeed! Our web Studio wishes you a successful promotion, quality-tuned SMM-advertising, and excellent SMM-promotion! SMM promotion on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks is a result focused on leading positions! Waiting for your orders!

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