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Customer relationship management system — is an application software for organizations designed to automate customer interaction strategies, in particular to improve sales, marketing optimization and customer service by preserving customer information and history of relationships with them, establishing and improving business processes and subsequent analysis of results. Implementation of CRM : the system itself does the analysis, helps to strengthen sales, conducts communication with customers, etc.

The implementation of CRM from studio GENERAL UP

  • Simply put, CRM is a business marketing program that stores information about customers based on the analysis of sales results. The introduction of CRM system in the enterprise is an important business moment that should not be missed! The price of implementing a CRM system is, of course, attractive! We are waiting for your suggestions and calls! Let success be your faithful companion!

You can trust routine tasks and repetitive operations. Set up robots in CRM. They will send letters, SMS and voice messages to clients, will show advertising in search engines and social networks, will put tasks to managers. Competent management – effective sales, is the implementation of CRM ! Implementation of CRM system at the enterprise with our company will help You to become more successful!

The price of implementing a CRM system is affordable, with our company it will be a simple and pleasant process! We will advise you on all your questions. Call and leave your requests! Introduction of CRM system – about our company! Segment customers, send personalized e-mail and SMS newsletters, run advertising – directly from . Use available templates or design your own. Track your performance! All this, and even more – we can do it! Forward to success!

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We will select and implement CRM for your tasks and budget:

IP-telephony. You rent a number or connect your phone, and all calls and call records are stored in CRM.
Chat Widgets. This chat can be easily added to any site for free and it will be conducted directly through CRM.
SMS and e-mail distribution. The letter is sent to the client directly from CRM. Receipt and reading of the letter is fixed. All correspondence is saved.
Link to web site. All messages from the chat on the web site get into the transaction card. Client contacts and all correspondence are saved.
Sales Analytics. CRM itself leads the client through the funnel: from cold contact to a successful transaction.
Sales plan and reports. Distribute the plan among employees, monitor the load on managers and analyze sales.

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